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Anna Hayward

A way with words and an ability to connect with and inspire people have always been at the heart of my working life. Together with an independent spirit and desire to follow my instincts!


I started in marketing with ICI Pharmaceuticals, moving up through The Rank Organisation and BUPA. Lots of brand, product and service development, launches, sales advertising and PR campaigns. I was good at what I did but as I climbed the corporate ladder, I found myself drawn more and more to what makes people tick. During that time I trained as a volunteer Relate counsellor and NLP Master Practitioner. 


I subsequently established two consultancy businesses, specialising in internal communications and wellbeing and then in maternity management. Clients were mainly HR, Diversity, Learning & Development & Talent professionals in large organisations. 


In the midst of motherhood and with a desire to be more involved in my local community, I decided to use my skills in the charity and voluntary sector. I headed up a faith-led retreat centre and then a counselling charity. 


I started to write fiction seriously and have recently completed my first novel, an historical epic with an intimate heart, set in Mussolini era Italy. I am currently working on my second novel and I write flash fiction. I’ve been a competition prize winner, shortlister, recipient of an Arts Council award and am actively involved in my local writing community as an organiser of a writer’s development group and workshops and talks.


Now I bring together all the different strands of my working and writing life. I use my people skills as a change consultant, facilitator and specialist in mentoring and one-to-one support. I’m a communications and writing specialist for organisations and a Director of Dig Deep Communications. And I continue with my passion for writing.


For those curious to know where all the words and wanting to connect with people comes from, I am a child of Italian immigrants to the UK, brought up with dialect Italian. The linguist in me studied French, German and Marketing at university and has some Spanish too.