Work in progress

I'm currently working on my second novel: Broken Madonna

St. Bernadette of Lourdes meets Elena Ferrante

Apennine Mountains, Italy 1949

Fragile orphan Elisabetta draws crowds with her visions of the Madonna, but fifteen-year-old Angela is torn between doubts and loyalty to her only friend.


Watching them by the river is Giulio, a young lame soldier broken by the war.


Soon, what is hailed as a miracle will bind them together for a lifetime. But are the answers they each need to be found at the shrine or in the secrets of the past?

I am an active member of the writing community. I founded The Leaving the Waiting Room writer's development group at New Writing South and have been a volunteer organiser for the Brighton & Worthing group of The Society of Authors, giving local authors the opportunity to get together and learn from and support one another with a programme of guest speakers.